I read a number of post pertaining to this issue, but none included a
resolution. I have installed DNS/DHCP services on three servers. The
first server works fine. The other two do not, and when I click on "View
Audit Trail Log" in the Management Console I get the "IP address of
the..." message. When I load DHCPSRVR with the D3 switch I get "No LAN
based IP address assignment is possible." I've check TIDs 10060433,
10069274, and 10077412, which were referenced in the other posts here,
and none provided a resolution. I did notice that in the DHCP server
object properties for the server that is working correctly, in the Other
tab, there is an attribute for ServerIPAddress. That same attribute does
not appear for the other two non-working servers. I don't see, though,
where in the DHCP Managment Console I can set the IP address.

I think I've provided all the information that has been asked in other
posts. Any legitimate assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.