I had a Netware 5.1 DNS server setup and working with dynamic DNS. I had to destroy it and reinstall it from scratch. Before doing so, I moved the DNS records to another server (added a new DNS server and made it authoritative for all zones).

After recreating the original, I created a new DNS server through the console and selected the newly rebuilt server. I made it authoritative for all zones in the console, and started it back up again.

The dynamic DNS is having problems with "Cannot add FQDN ... " errors on all of the DHCP servers.

Could the problem be related to the fact that the server I am using has the same name as the original that I took out of the tree? I am sure the reverse lookup zones are correctly setup as they worked before I did this).

The only object that has trustee rights assigned to the DNS_SERVER object is the DNSDHCP-GROUP object.

Thanks in advance.