Hi Group.

Does any of you know of a way to populate the siaddr field in a DHCP reply?

The purpose of the field is to tell the client that it should ask another
server for additional parameters (options), but I can't find a way to
enter information for the field. Note that it is a header field, not a
DHCP option.

We need it in our distributed network with Zenworks. At the central site
we have a ZENWorks server which delivers boot parameters to the clients.
Some of the clients reside at the other side of a Cisco-based routed net.
Until now, we have assigned two IP helpers for the locations, but it
doesn't work anymore! The DHCP requests reach the ZENWorks server, but the
reply gets lost somewhere in the Cisco network.
The administrators claim that it oughn't work after all, since the
possibility to configure additional IP helpers only exist to provide a
fail-over mechanism. The correct usage would be the next-server
functionality given in the siaddr field.

Wow, that's quite a lot of text for 4 lousy bytes, huh? :-)

Kind regards,
Erik Klausen
rhus, Denmark