# Netware 6 SP3
# GroupWise 6.5 SP1
# OpenBSD 3.7
# Bind 9.3.0

We're trying to deploy DNS in-house due to lack of stability on the part of
our ISP's DNS servers. We've got a dedicated server in place (OBSD3.7 w/
Bind 9.3.0), and it appears to be working correctly. All of our desktops
(WinXP) can resolve IP addresses just fine, but we're getting some bizarre
results from one of our Netware boxes. In this case, the machine that runs
our GWIA (External, routable IP). When we pointed it to the new DNS, we
got nothing but "450 Host Down" messages - no outbound mail.

NSLOOKUP gives me a response that looks like this:

Server: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

(This is the IP for our DNS. Internal, non-routable.)

Non-Authoritative Answer:
primary name server = our.isp.dns.server
responsible mail addr = OURDOMAIN.COM
serial = xxxxxxx
refresh = xxxxxxx
retry = xxxxxxx
expire = xxxxxxx
default TTL = xxxxxxx

.... and this is in response to a lookup for YAHOO.COM
We get the same response for A record, MX record, etc.

Using another NW6 SP3 machine, we can use this same DNS for lookups just
fine. We're only having this problem with our GWIA. Can anyone shed some
light on this issue?

Thanks in advance.

- Mike