After migration from NetWare5.1 SP7 to OES Netware (NW6.5SP3) I've got
above mentioned dynamic DNS errors on several servers system console.

Another error is shown in DNS screen on another DNS server:
"error: client updating zone '176.168.192.IN-
ADDR.ARPA/IN': Novell DDNS : Not authoritative for update Reverse zone"

But "" is one authoritative DNS Server for the Reverse
Lookup Zone 176.168.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA.

I haven't found a detailed manual how to configure Dynamic DNS under OES
Netware. I configured the control lists of every zone for allow updates
from "any" host.

Since the errors no new client is resolveable with his dns name. Only
manual created dns entries are working fine and those who exists before
migrate to OES Netware.