We are in the process of setting up VoIP on our network. We have a Mitel 5220 phone with 2 data ports on it. One port is to plug into the switch and the other port is to daisy chain the PC off of (obviously....<G>)

Anyway, the PC's are on VLAN1 and the phones are on VLAN2. The phone system has it's own DHCP server. When the phone boots up, it is being offered an IP address from our Novell 6sp4 server, but since the phones are on a different VLAN, the phone rejects the address. According to our phone guy, the phones are requiring the following dhcp options in order for this to work:
Option 128 (TFTP)
Option 129 (3300 ICP)
Option 132 (VLAN ID)
Option 133 (Priority)

I do not have any of these option in my DHCP mgmt console. Can anyone help me out with this?