Currently, we have two Netware 6.5 Servers handling DNS and DHCP - DHCP has
been working fine, but DNS has not been working well - It just doesn't seem
to update as quickly as out old Netware 6.0 server used to.

I spoke to a few people, and it was suggested that I let a Linux box handle
our DNS and DHCP - And as I'm licenced to use SUSE Enterprise Server, I
decided to try it.

The server installed fine, and setting up DHCP was easy - That's working fine.


I can't get DNS to do anything - I've tried setting it up with a slave zone
- Nothing happens. I've also tried setting it up as a master for my zone -
This creates files in /var/lib/named/master but nothing seems to update.

I'm really stuck - My knowledge of Linux is pretty limited, and I haven't
really played with DNS thatmuch to know where the problem is.

Many thanks in advance.