I have a new vlan that (from what I can tell) is set up exactly like my
other vlans. But, I am not getting dhcp from the server on that vlan. I load
dhcpsrvr -D3 and get an error that "server is not configured to give out
addresses for this subnet". Statically set, everything works fine of

This may or may not be related --- A while back I was having issues when I
installed a new dhcp server and I had to add the dhcp address helper on the
router for the requests to cross the router. I do not recall having to do
this for vlan's. Extreme's documentation states "configure the addresses to
which dchp or bootp requests should be directed using command | configure
bootprelay add <ipaddress>" |. This makes me think it has to be the dhcp
server address after the "add" command and nothing else.

Also - we are not doing supernetting as far as I know (saw a post related to
that and my problem).

Stacie White