I have just setup a webserver. I want to be able to access the webserver
by the domain name internally (www.xxxx.co.uk). I can ping local hosts
by their name (excluding DNS name part, i.e. NOT computer1.test.com JUST
computer1). If I goto ping www.xxxx.co.uk it resolves to the public ip
address and not the internal one and refuses to load up in the browser.
If I ping it with the FULL DNS (www.xxxx.co.uk.test.com) name it resolves
to the local server.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? I have spoken to the
makers of my hardware firewall and they are saying it is a DNS issue. I
can see what it is doing but do not quite know where to start

I have put the www.xxxxxx.xo.uk in to the DNS table but it only resolves
to the local ip with the full DNS name.

Thank you for any help offered.