NetWare 6.5 SP3

DNS_DHCP locator objects accidently deleted (God knows how...).
These objects reside in a dedicated OU, also holding all DNS-zones and
DHCP-scope objects.

I have ran DNIPINST -f to recreate the locataor objects
(DNSDHCP-GROUP, DNS-DHCP and RootServerInfo).

Thereafter I'm able to access DNS/DHCP Management Console 3.0, but the DNS
only shows me the RootServerInfo zone, and the DHCP tab is empty.
No DNS or DHCP server objects are seen.
(these services are still up and running in the server).

In C1 I can still see all the zones and scopes in the OU.
How do I reconnect these zones and scopes to the locator objects,
so I can access them properly from the DNS/DHCP Management Console?

Must I recreate the CNS/DHCP server objects, and the zones,
and then reassociate these objects to the server objects?
I want to be careful here, because there are so many deeply configured
DHCP-scopes to recreate if things fail...