NDS 10551.78
NW 6.5 sp3

Missing icons of Objects - perhaps since some upgrade/patch in NW 5.1?
I moved the DHCP from NW 5.1sp8 sever to a different server - see above.
So I'm again noticing these objects - cube? - cube with '?' - you know what
I mean - missing icon picture.
I don't know what they should look like, I do get to view 'properties'. So
may be just the icon is broke??
(and I don't really know what the properties pages should look like - ie
don't know if some pages are missing)

These are the eDir Objects I see in ConsoleONE that I suspect belong to

DHCP_FS2 (this is the newly moved DHCP server FS2)
CompanyName Private (shows my IP# - again with cube?)
domainName_org (shows my static host names)

Is something broken? Is it perhaps just a ConsoleONE snap in? Does anyone
know how to "fix" ?

PS - moving DHCP TID 10026160 - thanks for that tip.

1- Open DNS/DHCP Java Management Console DHCP service tab
2- I could not see how to create icon, so onto
3- create new DHCP server

thanks for any tips or help,
Brandon Fouts.