Well, yesterday I moved DHCP to a new NW5.1 server. It would not work the
way it's supposed to by just changing the server each subnet is using the
the DNS/DHCP console. When I tried it that way, DHCP would error out on the
new server. Soooo, I talked to Novell support and we determined that I'd
have to export all of the subnets and import them back in while pointing
them to the new server due to some kind of corruption somewhere in DHCP.
Well that's all fine and dandy and worked (except I found out you can't put
parenthesis in the name fields of the subnets, but that's another story and
I got around it) except that NONE OF THE COMMENTS THAT I HAD INPUT FOR THE
lost the desciptions for probably about 300 static addresses in DHCP! Some
of them are in an IP address database we have, but sadly not all of them.
Granted, this is my fault, but I certainly never expected to lose them in
DHCP/NDS. I about went through the roof when I discovered this yesterday
after the fact. Why the hell aren't something as simple as "comments"
exported? I keep running across stuff like this that Novell does and it
drives me nuts. You'd think Novell tech support might think to warn me
about this first, but no.

Of course we are still on NW5.1 due to lack of money for upgrades and just
got notified (not by Novell but by our reseller) that 5.1 has been end of
lifed starting Oct 31. All support ends in a year. This is ridiculous.
Some extra notification seems appropriate. I don't know what we are going
to do yet, but this weekend's experience does not exactly make me want to
run out and just upgrade to OES. And this is from someone who first started
using and administering NetWare in 1988...