I've just run a check on my main dns zone and found approx 30 workstation A
records with x2 ip addresses.
Usuallu one of these ip addreses is obsolete and either doesn't ping or
nslookups to another workstation i.e. it's been reassigned. But some users
have had problems with this (as well as one Intel print server) because a
device that performs a lookup on their hostname will sometimes be given the
wrong ip address.

So this seems to be a real problem. The print server that had this issue
drove us nuts until we realised that the NDPS server was losing connection
with it intermittently because it was sometimes resolving the printer
hostname to the wrong ip address. Well that's what seemed to be happening
anyway, and removing the additional ip address from the A record fixed the

I did have the impression that this inability to clear up redundant
addresses was a cosmetic issue. But apparently that's not the case. Is my
only option to do regular manual cleanups and delete duplicate addresses?


Steve Law