I currently have all of my workstations (150+) going through a proxy server
for internet access. We've got a T1 and my internal DHCP server is
configured to assign the ISP's DNS addresses and I've *always* been setup
this way. Lately I've noticed more latency when user's pull up web pages,
so I would like to run a local DNS on one of my 5.1 servers but the setup
seems quite confusing..

I've installed the DNS/DHCP console, and I need to setup the Zone and
server. I'm wondering:

1. Can I setup the server to run locally, poll the ISP DNS servers, keep a
cache for workstations to poll, but still keep my MX record, CNAME, etc.,
stored on the ISP's DNS?

2. What type of Zone do I select in the management console, "New Zone", or
IN-ADDR ARPA? And is it primary or secondary?

3. Is the "zone name" the same as the "domain name", and I can I make it a

Geesh, I hope this makes sense.. I've always relied on my ISP for DNS, so
this is somewhat new to me.

Thanks in advance.