I have read the two docs on the net related to pushing SLP info via
Windows 2000 DHCP to my win2k clients.

1. 'Doc 1' (http://www.ithowto.com/microsoft/w2kdhcpslp.htm)
2. 'Microsoft's How to' (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=285019)

Both are giving very different ways to do it.
When I configure my Windows 2K server manually, I don't see any
Mandatory box as is mentioned in the link.

Having done it te way told by microsoft, ( I have only configured
Option 78), is there a way that I can check from my Win2K Pro client,
if it has recieved the SLP DA information? Any command on the CLI or a
setting in Novell Client?

Does anyone have any further info?