Hello all,

I have recently inherited a confused netware DNS configuration. The DNS info
has been setup in a separate tree to the actual main e-dir tree with all
users, servers etc. Assuming there was no obvious reason for this I have
replicated the DNS information onto servers in the main tree so I can
remove the other tree and servers.

This was a bad assumption to make as I now can see that no rootsrvinfo
object, dns/dhcp locator objects exist for the main tree. Which would
explain why someone has created a new tree for the DNS.

I have read that I can recreate the objects with dnipinst -f however I do
not want to lose any info in the tree. I have in the past used
findlocator.exe on nw5.1 but never dnipinst.

DHCP objects exist and are functioning ok , I would like to avoid having to

What tips are their to avoid losing info or is it a case of having to lose
the info ???

any advice much appreciated.

Servers are NW6.5sp3