We have two internal DNS servers. They accept zone transfers from a
different division to provide the names of that division's internal e-
mail servers. On our workstations the clients are configured to query
our two internal servers first, and then four external AT&T servers for
internet name resolution. Is there any way our internal DNS servers
could be caching internet name resolutions? They are not configured for
forwarding (as if to make they caching servers), so I don't see how they
could. Looking at the logs for both servers any queries for internet
addresses appear as:

***** QH_Proc: query received from
QH_ns_req: Query for (www.bauschandlomb.com) of type a
req_query_nonauth: Look for www.bauschandlomb.com in non-authoritative
req_query_nonauth: www.bauschandlomb.com not found in non-authoritative
QH_ns_forw: Forwarded a query for www.bauschandlomb.com with id 23424 to

It then appears to try all the internet root servers for resolution, but
our internal DNS servers have no path to the outside, so in reality they
can't be actually querying the root servers (I can't ping any root server
IP address from our internal DNS servers).

A subsequent query for the same address results in the same process, as
opposed to some indication that the previous resolution has been cached.
So again I don't see any caching in place.

I am simply trying to confirm my understanding of how things work. I'm
being questioned from higher-ups, and want to respond accurately.

Thank you.