I'm using NW 6.5 SP3 at two different remote locations connected by a
VPN. I have a basic Windoze 2K SP4 box running Apache 2 for a simple web
portal that is accessible inside and outside. A link on the portal
allows users to connect to NetStorage. They click on the link to the
office they work at and it connects them to that server. Each server is
assigned at private IP (10.x.x.x). The PIX firewalls at each office use
NAT to give them a public IP ( On the web portal page I
have hard coded the public IP to NetStorage so that users can access
their files. However, when I get a user that visit's the other office
there are issues using the links. I tried to bind the public IP's to the
NIC using INETCFG but got a message saying that they had to be on the
same network. The servers only have one NIC so I can't assign another
NIC the public IP (and I have security concerns with doing that). Do I
need to add an alias to DNS? And if so how? What are my other options?