I run 6.5.3 - And I have my dhcp server setup into 3 vlans:

vlan1 = severfarm and printer Static Ip addresses (10.100.0.xxx)
vlan2 = faculty and staff dhcp issued IP addresses (10.102.128.xxx)
vlan3 = Students dhcp issued Ip addresses (10.103.128.xxx)

I run all this on cisco 2950 switches. It has been running for about 5
years with no problems today suddenly today the vlan3 addreses are not
being issued. I switch the vlan on the ports through cisco switches
(telnet session) and I can get the issued vlan2 addresses (on the same
ports) so it has to be in the novell dhcp server.

What would be the next step to trouble shoot and repair this problem? I
really don't want to delete the whole subnet setup in the dhcp server, any

Any help on this would be very much appreciated - RJM