Error message: DHCP warning: Out of addresses for client X, where X is
MAC address. Fill pool returned error 1. Error 5 adding new IP.

This Netware 5.1 sp8, server is programmed to hand out 2 network address
pools. The local network has been established as a supernet with a subnet mask. The server has dual NIC's and an address is
bound from each subnet to a NIC port, enabled or not. Both addresses are
handed out. Running the DHCPSRVR with the -d3 parameter shows me this
above error. There are more addresses available than clients so I am not
sure as to the nature of the problem. Restarting either the DHCPSRVR or
server itself will settle this down for a day or two but then it starts
again. The lease time has been left at the three day default. Suggestions
on the above error message?