This one seems a bit strange. Server was at NW6 SP3, running dhcp,
tftp, and pdhcp - no problems. All I did was install SP5. After
install, dhcp did not load. I unloaded tftp and pdhcp and manually
started dhcp and it loaded without any problems. Thinking that SP5
had caused a bit of a delay, I added a question mark to the start of
the tftp/pdhcp ncf file to give dhcpsrvr more time to load. This
morning, the server restarted due to a power outage. Again dhcp did
not load after the server started when power returned. But I was able
to manually start it after unloading tftp and pdhcp. The strange
thing is I have another similar server also running dhcp, tftp, and
pdhcp that I had upgraded from SP3 to SP5 and it has been running
fine. Any suggestions?

KeN does a server good!