I have a problem on NW6.5 DNS servers. Using either the DHCP/DNS Console
tool (older and the newest versions) OR iManager (v. 2.02 or 2.5), any
changes I make to DNS entries (adding a new host name for example) does
not get included in the .db files located in the sys:etc\dns directory.
in other words, the eDirectory objects for the entries get created, but
the .DB files which Named.nlm ultimately references do not get updated.
Starting/ Stopping (unload/load) the service on the server does not make
any diference. My current work around is to manually delete the .db
files in sys:etc\dns before restarting the service after making any
changes. These files are always flagged read-only. If they exist, then
they stay static and no changes get included. If I delete them,
Named.nlm seems to re-read the info from eDirectory and create the files
with the same info as stored in eDirectory.

I've seen this problem on Nw6.5 starting with SP2 and it has not changed
all the way through Nw65sp4a. I've seen this on several different
servers in several different trees, so it isn't an isolated problem.
I've checked eDir for any errors with no problems evident. Either I am
consisitently doing something wrong and I would like to know what it is,
or there is a consistent problem with NW DNS. I've not seen this topic
discussed in the forums nor have I seen anything in the KB. Has anyone
else seen this problem? Since I was capable of managing DNS in a pre-Sp2
environment and I've not changed my methodology, has something changed
in Novell's methodology for DNS management that I've missed?

This isn't a big probelem, since I have a doing workaround, but it is a
nuisance and I'd like to simplify my life a little. Thanks for any
constructive input.