Hi All,

I have our two Netware 5 servers (SP4) providing DNS/DHCP service for
our internal network.

I have three Linux PC's, running Redhat 9, which get there IP addresses
etc from DHCP. Each one of these PC's is running vmware with Win98 as
the guest operating system. I have added DHCP_HOSTNAME=$HOSTNAME to
/etc/sysconfig/network so the hostname is available for DNS resolution.
The hostname of each machine is there PC number i.e. C0214, C0218 and
C0233. The Win98 PC's use the hostname with the postfix vm i.e. c0214vm,
C0218vm & C0233vm.

My problem is that a ping will resolve the vm pc's but not the host
pc's. I have checked in the management console and discovered some
confusing results. See the list below.

Resolve DNS Entries
zone reverse zone
C0214 Yes Yes Yes
C0214vm Yes No No
C0218 No No No
C0218vm Yes Yes Yes
C0233 No No No
C0233vm Yes Yes Yes

I then added a resource record for C0218 (although what affect this will
have if the IP address changes I don't know) and it now resolves.

Any ideas on how the vm PC's are resolving?
Any ideas why the DNS records are not being created for two of the Linux
What affect will manually creating the resource record for C0218 have,
if the IP address changes?

My apologies for the questions being a bit vague but I cannot understand
whats going on.


Ian Young