I recently install SP4a onto a Netware 6.5 SBS box that's been running
since last January (Jan2005) and now the DHCP server is loading on
startup, but it's still commented out in the AUTOEXEC.NCF...

When I check on the DHCP Configuration in iManager it says the DHCP
Server and Scope are not configured. However there's a generic scope
for the entire class C of addresses... NetMask that's
being handed out.

I was able to "unload DHCPSRVR" to stop it, but I'd like to find out
what's kicking off the DHCP server.

The AUTOEXEC.NCF still has # in front of the lines to start the DNS and
DHCP servers (currently fazing out a W2k DNS/DHCP/AD Server.)

Anybody seen this before?