I used to use NetWare 6.0 for my DHCP. We recently moved all of our
server to OES (NetWare 6.5). On my 6.0 servers, I had 3 ranges used for
DHCP. One for NAT , one for private network and one for the public
network. The NAT range was for the users so they could access the
Internet via NAT. The private was for machines or equipment that should
not have access to the Internet. Private was for machines that require
private addresses.

Before the upgrade I somehow had it set so that DHCP gave out address
from the NAT range by default unless I specifically add a manual entry
for a peice of equipment. For example if I wanted a printer to get a
private address, I just manually assigned in the private address range
and it would happen.

Since the upgrade, now my DHCP server doesn't work this way. It seems to
choose one of the three address ranges to start handing out address. I
would like it to default to the NAT range. For now I had to delete the
ranges from the private and public address subnets.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it working the way it
used to?


John Jakus