i migrated one of our DNS servers this past weekend from NW5.1 to
NW6.5.4. since then i have noticed a few PCs having DNS issues. first
event was PCs not resolving NGWNAMESERVER. the migrated server was also a
GW server so i thought that my issue was something to do with that
upgrade. after a few reboots those 3 PCs seemed to work ok. then i
noticed some newly imaged stations exhibiting the same sort of issues.
the only DNS errors are internal hosts. i did see one error on one of the
DNS server saying 'lame designation'. and in the management console 1 of
the 4 servers has 2 more tabs available (control lists and advanced).
looking at the installed products pages on all of the servers it does not
appear that DNS is installed on any one of them. any help would be