My IP assignment is, giving me 510 hosts. All Netware
servers are within the first fifty ( range, leaving the
remaining IPs for hosts. The DNS/DHCP server is going to be, serving only one zone (say This domain name
is not published outside.

My Primary corporate DNS server is solaris based and is on the public
IP (say My official domain name ( is
published here and it's the SOA for it.

I have an ISA webproxy/firewall sitting in the middle routing trafiic
between internal (10.245.220.* network) and external (194.170.20.*).
For all the clients served by Netware FP (5.1 SP8) servers,
194.170.20.* is the external network.

For external name resolution I have to use my Internal DNS server
( as secondary/cache for primary and primary for

I must mention, my Netware setup is a single tree :(abc_tree), single
partition, three servers (including one exclusively a DNS/DHCP) serving
over 500 users in two OU's as File/Print servers. I am in the process of
shifting to Netware's DNS/DHCP setup from previously Windows 2k based

In what mode should I configure my Netware DNS server?

As a primary for zone with this server (say as

How wiould I forward all other name requests for Internet and web
services to my primary ? How can I use this to act also as a cache?

Please advise!!