On a Netware 5.1 SP8 server, I have configured a DNS/DHCP server to
serve my subnet Installled DNS/DHCP management console
on a Win2k pro machine and configured the needed options.

Some issue related to DHCP. I managed to configure DHCP option 78 and
79, to push my two DA's and Scope name "DEFAULT".

The Win2k clients get all the values correct, IP address, DNS, Gateway
settings etc, but when I do an SLPINFO /d on my Win2k clients, I see
both the DA's listed but scope name remains <unknown> for quite some
time, maybe about 25-30 minutes. Only then, when I repeat slpinfo
command, does the scope name shows up as "DEFAULT" on my Windows
machine. Though not an issue as I can browse and see all the eDirectory
resources without getting to see this scope name, but seems like I
should be able to get the scope name right away pushed by my DHCP

Also, how and where can I view my DHCP address leases assigned?