I've just added my first Windows server to our environment, which
consists of two 6.5 servers and a single 5.1 server running BM 3.6.

We had problems getting the workstations to find the Windows domain
server until we went into the workstation's IP properties, Advanced, and
specified the DNS servers. We listed the Windows server first, the
Netware DNS/BM server second, and the ISP's server third - now
everything works well.

Is there a way (and, if so, could someone please spell it out for me -
I'm guessing it's in the DNSDHCP console) to tell the Windows
workstations to look at the Windows server - or is there another
solution to this problem? Apparently the client on the workstation
needs to resolve the domain name to an IP address and that information
isn't on the Netware server.

In other words, is there a centralized way to manage this rather than
having to specify DNS servers for each workstation? The Netware server
gives out DHCP addresses, and the workstations all seem to find the
Netware/BM servers as their primary DNS and their gateway without
specific configuration.