I have 3 NW65sp4a servers running DNS services. Until recently they all
worked flawlessly.
I noticed today that one of the servers has stopped resolving names. When I
do and nslookup
and select the faulty server I get back
> beeble.bpb-na.net

Server: zaphod.bpb-na.net
*** zaphod.bpb-na.net can't find beeble.bpb-na.net: Query refused

I have unloaded and reloaded named -s, reset the server. Named always load
find and everything
looks correct but it will not resolve a name. I have tried loading
DBGLog.nlm but the file is clean.
In the DNSDHCP Console the server is active and configured the same way as
the other two servers.

Is anyone aware of issues after upgrading to sp4a. This problem has started
since the update.
Does anyone have a suggestion for troubleshooting this issue?
Your input is appreciated,