Trying desparately to get iManager 2.5 to access the dhcp server audit and
event logs on 3 remote servers. The problem is that after selecting the
server name from the drop-down list in iManager 2.5 the date fields never
get populated. Eventually a timeout occurs and an error 503 (Service
Unavailable) is displayed in IE.

If I use iManager 2.02, running on one of the dhcp servers, it has no
problems at all. It can access both the local dhcp logs as well as the
logs on the other (remote) servers.

The misbehaving server (actually I've tried it on two servers) is running
NetWare 6.5 sp4, iManager 2.5 with maintainence update 2, eDir,
jvm v1.4.2_08.

The working server is running NetWare 6.0 sp5, iManager 2.02, eDir 8.7.1,
jvm v1.4.2_06.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated!



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