I have 3 NW6SP4 servers. Two of these servers have the following entries
in both their resolv.cfg and host.cfg files domain.co.uk. One of these
servers is our main internal DNS server.

The other file server has domain.local entered in both resolv.cfg &

The Zone Name listed in iManager for my my internal DNS server is

To me it looks as if the info in the resolv & host cfg files are incorrect
for the two servers that have domain.co.uk as this is not our local dns
zone. Can I change these without causing myself untold grief?
Our DNS is working fine, with the exception that in NRM Managed Server
List I cannot switch between servers each of the two servers with the
domain.co.uk details - I get "page not displayed" The server with the
domain.local info I can access fine.

My plan is to hopefully edit the domain names listed for the two servers
in their respective resolv. and host cfg files and reboot. However, I
don't want to harm my DNS setup. Would this be a safe thing to do?

Cheers for any advice,