I put a client on DNS / DHCP back in the netware 4.11 one days. Before
they ever had an Internet presence. So they have an internal name
company.com. But they have an external name of companycorp.com

I am thinking I should get the internal name and the external names to
match. The external DNS is hosted by SBC which is OK with me so its
really the internal DNS I am intersted in. But I assume there are things
to watch out for in regard to external DNS. For instance I have an
internal web server with DNS setup as WWW. So I will have to change that
to intranet or something so when the go to www they will see that their
clients see.
What other things might I bump into? Like MX?

What I did so far was export my current domain and then exit the file to
the new domain name and import. I named a primary server and tested it
and made some needed changes. It appears to work and I have removed from
being in service.

I did notice that the in arpa did not change. When I am ready to cut
over do I just export edit and reimport?

Any advice is much appreciated.