I want to recreate one of our subnet ranges in DHCP (getting errors that
suggest it needs it), can I do this during the day without it effecting

I'm assuming that if I delete the subnet and recreate it fairly quickly
DHCPSRVR will keep the old config until it comes to refresh from NDS and
then replace the old subnet 'instantaneously'. Once done workstations will
keep their current IP address until it expires and then get new ones from
the recreated subnets.

But how will the new subnet know which IP addresses have already been
assigned? Won't it try to assign addresses already in use and then mark them
as "unauthorised" and use another one? Will it tidy these up in time?
There's enough spare addresses on the subnet for everyone to have/use two
addresses, I just want to be clear on what will happen.

We're on NW6.5 SP3.


Steve Law