I am running NW 5.1 SP7 DNS v5.10i. The server has been working fine.
However, this afternoon, web surfing failed. On a workstation, if I do
nslookup for internal DNS records will get response immediately. If I do
nslookup for www.google.com or www.ibm.com, I would get DNS request time
out. If I repeat the nslookup for 4 times, I will get the correct DNS
record. My DNS server is setup to forward lookup to the name server of
the ISP. I then suspect it is the ISP problem. On the DNS server, I did
NSLOOKUP and it is defaulted to use the ISP name server but I get the
response immediately.

Is there a way I can see the DNS log file and where it is located? Anyone
for troubleshooting tips. I have tried reload renamed but same problem.
The server was just rebooted for less than a day.