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DNS setup:

registered domain is hosted by our ISP ("mycompany.com"). our internal
network is configured to use "int.mycompany.com", with all workstations and
servers on the 192.168.x.x range. I have one server natted to a public ip
address, and is listed on our ISP's dns server, so it is reachable from
outside as "server.mycompany.com".

on our nw6.5 internal dns server, I have int.mycompany.com setup as a
primary zone, which forwards requests to our isp's dns server. The same dns
server is setup as secondary for "mycompany.com". I have created an "a"
record for this internal server with its internal ip address under this
zone, so that internal workstations can access it as "server.mycompany.com".
but its not working.

when I ping "server.mycompany.com", it resolves to its public ip address.
can't figure out where its coming from. I checked my workstation(s) host
file, our bordermanager server's host file, the dns server's host
file....confirmed through ipconfig that the workstation has the correct
internal dns server listed first in its list, and confirmed that "named" is
running on the server. don't know why its resolving to the public ip. But
it causes "issues" when trying to use the web services (netstorage, iFolder,
etc) from inside the firewall.