Hi all --

I'm a long time vet of Bind (named) and DHCP, but this Novell
configuration is just too vague.

I have DHCP setup using iManager w/o issue, but when I all DHCP
assigned Windows 2000 / XP workstations to use the Novell DNS server as
their primary DNS they now pause after logging in at a screen that just
shows the desktop background for 1-5 minutes before logging in and
working normally. Same with Logging off... it has a long delay now.

Has anybody else experienced this? The workstations are logging into a
Win2k AD Domain as well (which we'd like to get rid of, can ZenWorks
4.x help here?) so I'm starting to think that it's a Windows Domain
issue where they're looking for something microsoft-centric.

I can open cmd.exe window on the workstation after the login is
complete and perform name resolutions using nslookup and the Novell DNS
without issue.

Another question I have in this same DNS/DHCP vein is DDNS with
Novell6.5 DNS/DHCP -- The DNS server isn't allowing the workstations to
update their own DNS records. I've configured it to the instructions
in the DNS / DHCP Server Installation and Administration Guides (PDFs)
-- It seems like with Novell stuff you need to read the installation
guide and then you need to scour the web for a few USENet posts and
TIDs to set things up properly.

All thoughts and comments appreciated!