3 x OES/NW65 SP4a servers

We have installed DNS/dHCP Management Console

Ok, we got DHCP working, sort of.
I find the interface user angry and the help not.

What I want to be able to do is define several different class c subnets
(, etc) from a class a ( network split either
by physical location or by device type - specifically printers or
wireless devices.
We wish to assign a reserved IP address to computers and other devices
based on their mac address.
Now I've done this with one machine as proof of concept, but I can't
seem to group them by subnet - I can only seem to create a huge list of
individual manual addresses - which will still work, but it's a bit
messy. Anyone know a way to organise it by subnet?
I've got one zone for 'casual' stuff, that hasn't a recorded mac address.


Ok, I've yet to be able to make this work in any form. I've only been
playing with dns for a couple of months, on a 4.11 server (which was
dead easy once I figured it out, though it seems only able to master one
zone) and on linux and vms.
Linux was a piece of cake and the vms box needed me to manually hand
write the zone files - but basically no real drama as I had an example
to follow.
Well, I absolutely HATE the netware DNS/DHCP Configuration Manager.
I can deal with the DHCP side, though it's unpleasant to use at best,
but the DNS side is really just ugly. I don't have the money or the
time to do courses - I have to depend on it being at least somewhat
intuitive and with that and patience I normally get there, but I bashed
my head against it for hours and came up with a lot of unhelpful error
messages and obscure reasons why something didn't work.
I'm persisting, but I had to walk away for a few days and deal with
other things, so I won't get back to it until next week now.

I need it to host two zones.

One is 'real' and will be the authoritative DNS for our domain, which
the ISP is currently doing for us. However it took a month to have a
simple MX record change done so we are taking it over. This will happen
AFTER I have created the new zone on the new Netware box. I tell them
the IP address of the new server and they pull our zone file and mark
our servers ip addreas as authoritative for the domain. Not sure what
happens with RDNS, I have a PTR file but we don't have the whole class c
so not sure if/how that can work. Presumably the ISP should update PTRs
automagically from the new authoritative DNS?? The Zone is presently on
a VMS system which is 'pretending' to be the authoritative server for
the zone for test purposes. The simplest and most elegant method would
be to import the zone from the other server, but I can't seem to find a
way to do this except with some particular database file
which I have no idea how to generate. Making it a secondary seems easy,
but that's not what I want, or can I bring it in as a secondary then
change it to a primary?

The second zone is purely internal, network with a stack of
10.0.x.0 subnets (class c).
I can't seem to create this without all sorts of strange errors.
Again, it's currently working on a linux (SUSE 9.2) box next to it
and it would be trivial to make it a secondary, so again, can I import
it by making it a secondary then comvert it to a primary?
It was all dead easy to create on Linux through YAST - frankly novell
should put the YAST DNS manager into 6.5, because it's very easy to use
and the help is very good.

Lastly is there a well illustrated, clearly written description of how
to go about all this somewhere? I'm reading the dns/dhcp admin manual
but it's very hard to translate into reality, at least for me.


Geoff Roberts
IT Support
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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