I've been asked to create a zone for Active Directory to use onour private
network. Our primary domain is UK.OURCOM and the Active Directory zone is to
be called SLFCMD.UK.OURCOM. We have two NW6.5 SP3 servers running DNS.

I'm not quite clear on what the implications are of creating a zone that's a
'subzone' of our main zone. I assume it will be primary (it's not updating
from any other dns server), but is it of any significance that it will be a
'child' of UK.OURCOM rather than a whole new unique zone? We tested the AD
functionality by creating a test zone called SLFUK.CO.UK, which was a unique
name as far as our servers were concerned.

I assume it will just work fine, just as if we had a sub-office down the
road that with a seperate zone called office2.uk.ourcom. Just wanted to
check in case there's some hidden 'gotcha'.