Windows Server 2003 providing primary DNS
(I can't change that - boss says so)
Novell NetWare 6.5 OES providing most everything else
Files, Printing=NDPS, eMail=GroupWise, etc...
Remote office locations with NetWare servers
Remote sites come across WAN for DNS

I WANT to be able to have DNS on the NetWare servers at the remote sites
for when the WAN link brakes (Because it will).

To do this I figure there is a two step process:
1. Get the DNS from W3K to the NW DNS via a zone transfer
2. Send the DNS info to the remote site NW servers via eDirectoy

I completed step one with a zone transfer
- I made the NW DNS secondary to the W3K DNS
- I initially had a hard time with SRV records, but got that resolved.
- I made some changes to the W3K DNS and saw the change in the NW DNS

Now that I have my W3K DNS on my NetWare server, how do I get it to the
other NetWare servers at the remote sites?
- I figured transferring it via eDirectory would be best, but don't have
the slightest idea how.

Any step-by-step, TIDs, or general info would be helpful,