I have not been able to get Dynamic Update to work (as in, having the
workstation tell the DNS server what it's name and IP address are - RFC2136
We have two DNS netware servers. Server1 is 6.5 sp3. Server2 is 6.5 sp4.
Server1 is also the DHCP server, with novell DDNS running (and that part
All Netware DNS servers are listed as authoritative DNS Servers for both my
in-addr.arpa zone and my domain zones.

The workstation is Windows XP sp2 with a static IP Address.

On my workstation, a single DNS entry in the TCP/IP address configuration
points to the primary, authoritative DNS server. "Register this
connection's address in DNS" is enabled. The DNS server has an entry in the
zone's control lists "allow updates" field that ANY are allowed to update.

My workstation is not being added to either the in-addr arpa zone, or to my
domain name zone. The following entry seen in the DNS logs indicates no
authority to update the records.

"Jan 26 11:01:10.000 update: update: info: client 172.x.x.x#1335: updating
zone 'city.chatham-kent.on.ca/IN': update failed: not authoritative for
update zone (NOTAUTH)"

P.S. I'm concentrating on getting one workstation going. However, I have
lots of other machines that are either static or DHCP (from non-netware
sources) that aren't registering either. They all have default windows XP
registry settings which I understand should be enough to at least register
them in the in-addr.arpa. zone.