Currently, we have a single DNS and single DHCP server to handle all the DNS
and DHCP for both the main site (where it's located), and our 7 remote

We're upgrading our remote sites (finally) from NW5.1 to 6.5SP5. As part of
this, we're putting a DNS and DHCP server locally onto each server, so that
when the line to the main office goes down, they can still work. DHCP is set
up fine, and we can get IP addresses and image workstations. DNS seems to be
setup OK too, and we can resolve addresses fine. However, on the DNS server
screen we're getting this message

DDNS : Not authoritative for update Reverse zone error.

I've looked at the reverse zone in the DNS management console, and the
remote server showing the error is showing as an Authoritative DNS server
for the reverse zone. If I select the DNS server object, and check the zone
list, the reverse zone is in there, and shows as a passive primary. Checking
the DHCP side of things, the DNS zone for dynamic update is showing
correctly, and the default DHCP server is showing correctly too.

The load lines for DHCP/DNS on the server are..

; 240 is DHCP, 241 is DNS
add secondary ipaddress
add secondary ipaddress
load dhcpsrvr -d3 --srvaddr=
load named

Any ideas why I'm getting the error, or where to check next?