We have NW 6.5 SP4 running DHCP for our systems. It was setup using a lease time of 365 days. We have students that are on Internet Restriction for violating our AUP. These students would get a non-restricted student to log into the network and they would log into their computer as the Windows user, effectively bypassing the internet restriction. We decided to enter the IP that was given to each machine into the Network restrictionTab so that only that user could connect to the network. DHCP was set up to give out a lease that was 365 days. Suddenly students could not login. We had gone to each laptop and collected the IP that was assigned to it by DHCP and used that . These student laptops had changed the IP address to another DHCP address. That is why they could not log in. Now for the question: Why did this happen? Is there a way for the students to force another IP address? Should we make all addresses permanent in order for this to work?

Joe Merricks