I have problems to configure dns / dhcp for VLANS.
My test environment is:
NW65SP5, 3Com 4900 switch, 2 clients, for the test: 3 vlans
the server is in one vlan and is working, one client is in the same vlan
for configuring dns+dhcp on the server and checking the 3Com config.
1 client should get a ip address from the server and should be able to
I have configured the 3 vlans on 3 different ports of the switch. If I
connect the testclient to the port of the server vlan, all is fine: ip
address and login is working.
if I connect the client to any other vlan, I will get only an ip address
if I do not place the subnet into the subnet pool (as mentioned in the
DNSDHCP docu of Novell). If the subnet is not member of the pool, I will
get an ip address, but the tree is not found and no login is possible.
Is there any tipp available?

Thanks in advance