I have NSBS65SP5, installed DNS as per doc using imanager 2.5. It is a
test environement single server tree.

I need it to be Pirvate DNS for private IP addresses. The DHCP on the same
server has multiple DNS listed first being this server, two other external
DNSes. When I try to ping to www.mydomain.com, I get "Unknown host
www.mydomain.com". This entry exist on the Private side and public side
DNSes. When I ping on a public host www.pubsite.com, it resolves.

If I run NSLOOKUP, it starts correctly (no timeout messages) and point to
the 6.5 server. If I enter www.mydomain.com, nslookup resolves it. However
if I query a public host, I get DNS request timeout and eventually get the
correct info.

Any ideas?

I have tried rebooting PC and Server both... Still nothing. I have tried
different PC, no difference. Please help.