A customer has an internal DNS name setup of company.com. This was setup
before the internet was really a big deal. They don't own that internal
name but they now own a companycorp.com so I am getting ready to change
the internal name to match. We only have two resources out on the
intetnet a website and MX record which I can just duplicate on our internal.

Is this wise? I have noticed W2K defaults to companycorp.local and am
wondering if I should just use something like that for interal to avoid
conflict withour Internet DNS which is hosted somewhere else?

Also I am doing this to prepare for bringing a W2K AD controller up on
the network. They have been fine with a PDC/ BDC but it is time to move
on and I thought it would be best to get the DNS renaming done first as
I am under the impression its a b* to redo DNS after AD.