I am having intermittent DNS issues on any of about 50 zones, using various
versions of Netware 6. The issue seems to be that the workstations' dns
suffix isnt being recognized when a request is made so it is denied, which I
assume because when the dns in a given zone stops functioning, i can use
nslookup, set the server and zone info, and the request will work. Just not
from ping at the command line.

DHCP is handing out the domain (dns suffix) and it works about 50% of the
time. Sometimes restarting the dns service on the server resolves the
issues, sometimes it does not. Sometimes I can just wait several hours and
it will start working again. This effects a zone/server at a time and there
is no zone where the dns works 100% of the time out of 50 zones.

It seems that it would be easiest to get the dns server to accept
unqualified requests, as in requests without a . in them, if that is even
possible. That way I wouldn't have to worry about what domain is given to
the workstations by the dhcp server and the dns server would handle requests
even if it does not recognize the qualified request as qualified. Please
help! THANKS!