One of my subnets aint working properly. I use the DNS/DNCP Magagement
Console to setup new subnets and so on.

All of my subnets works ok except one new subnet that i recently have
defined. The computers on this new subnet dont get the DHCP information,
for an example the computers dont get DHCP assigned IP-adresses, i have to
set them manually on the computers in order to get them to function.

The only differance between this new subnet and my previous ones, is that
in DNS/DNCP Magagement Console the "Subnet Type" field is blank. Where the
"old" subnets has "Subnet Type" set to "LAN". I can for the love of god not
find where to set this setting.

Im suspecting this is the problem, as everything else is the same. The
router have IP-helper enabled, and the network provider says that
DHCP-requests should go thru just fine.

This is DNS/DHCP Managment for NW 5.1

Any ideas?


// Robert