We're on NW65 SP3 DNS & DHCP.

Basic question is: if a SAR of 20 addresses has a lease time of 30 days and
assigns those addresses to 20 pc's, and then those pc's are all switched off
and another 20 pc's are booted up and try to get ip addresses from the
range, will it deny them? Does DHCP withhold the assigned addresses, even
though they are not actively in use, until the 30 days are up? Or does it
ping test, and if an assigned address is dead free it up for reuse?

Does DHCP use the mac address of the client pc to recognise that that client
wqs previously assigned a specific address?

We've installed a server that's running up to 40 vmware virtual WinXP
workstations, and the virtual workstations have picked up DHCP addresses ok.
However the range has filled up, even though there are 42 free addresses in
the range. Several of the virtual workstations have two assigned DHCP

I had assumed that DHCP when it ran out of addresses would ping existing
assignments to see if they were still live and then reuse them if not. Also
I'm wondering whether, if a virtual pc is rebooted and comes up and asks for
an address again, whether DHCP is able to 'remember' it via it's mac
address - do vmware workstations have unique mac addresses?


Steve Law