Netware 6.5/SP4

When, from an XP workstation, I

C:\> ipconfig /all

I see three DNS servers in the order in which I have entered them in the
DNSDHCP mgmt console:

click on DHCP Service tab

click on Other DHCP Options

click on Modify

click on Domain Name Server

Through a couple of adds and deletes, produce a new order for my 3 DNS
servers. The old order was

Windows Domain Controller
BM Server

and I want the new order to be:

BM Server
Windows Domain Controller

No amount of "Write to NDS" or "Refresh Tree" inside of the mgmt console,
nor unloading and reloading DHCPSRVR, will cause what I see on the
workstation to change to the new order. I issue

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /all

or I even reboot the workstation - no difference, it sees the old order.

What am I missing?